Thursday 25 July 2013

Where the CNC project is at now!

A summary of Completed Projects since the last update (which was a while back! The CNC has been upgraded and changed many times to its final incarnation which is now mainly Metal and HDPE and a nice solid pine base! WE have cut a few projects on it and I've also acquired a 3d Printer kit which has seen a lot more action than the CNC! So while i find time to get this this thing back up to date, here is a quic retrospective! So the CNC got upgraded to a few more wooden iterations, until i managed to find some linear rails and bearing that did not cost an arm and a leg!
There she is being assembled in the new Lab (after having been in storage for 6 months as I was back at the rents, saving for the house deposit..phew hard times!
on on a nice solid chunky pine base:
awaiting bed levelling as it she it straddling two table and I cant seem to get them at the same height...see the clutter building up!! Prior to moving in the new lab, id put her thru her paces and done a couple of jobs one it!
built a nice ultra light with a clark y built up wing. Never flew it, just built for the sake of building... typical.. then I got myself a reprap prusa kit clone from a chap in poland, Assembled the damn thing and tinkered for weeks, and ahow emerged my first PRints but that a different story!

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