Thursday, 25 July 2013

3d Prints

Too late and too tired to blurb! so for now a few snippets of some prints i've done! all Designed from scratch! no thieving from the thingiverse here!
Another ongoing project, making a hand held vac for the car, the 12 quid one i bought from asda was Dire...and I don't make enough to be able to be able to afford the dyson hand held quic sells for about 200 bones... so i'll make my damn own. And after i saw the Dark knight rises, I wanted batpod, so i made a clone, not gotten round to motorise it, soo many projects soo little time!
The 3d prints are gettin more intricate and bold day by day, its a far cry from this: my first print! a simple pillow block for a skate bearing!

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