Wednesday 29 October 2014

Well Well! Here are the latest little projects that i've been working on over the past few months! Over the summer I improved the 3d printed quadcopter designs and clocked a lot of airtime! The reliability of this little workhorse is very satisfying. I got confident and let her fly over the cliff at Otley Chevin ! The next step was obviously To stabilise the camera with a gimbal. The Day of flying the Big Beast with A go pro on Full autopilot looms closer.Baby steps first! But first to get Rid of that Blasted Jello effect!
Here was the first iteration! And Below a short clip showing the testing output was okay, but the quad was nose heavy and I had to move the battery backwards to counterbalance it, not ideal..So we switched to a belly mounted gimbal design with extra damping to remove those pesky vibrations.
Gave it a test Flight! Results weren't too bad. Stabilisation was decent, vibration jello effect was damped sufficiently, so the tech works, however we lost some agility and flight time due to the extra weight, guess it's time to install the gimbal on the bigger quad and maybe purchase a go pro. Maybe at Christmas.Below Was the footage using the bottom mounted gimbal. well That was okay! now To find a go pro ...