Thursday, 25 July 2013

Status of the multicopters!

Well having failed miserably with the self build arduino and wii motion plus and wiimote combos, i bit the bullet, I am only a Noob programmer to be honest , gave it my best bash, but MAn's gotta know his limitations...I gotmyself a few kk2.0 control boards, cheap and simple, they would take care of stabilising and I can take care of navigation ( the coding is in progress) I have 1 ardupilot(on a an x5 wing- not dared to fly her for 6 rush...) and 1 arducopter ( tuning in progress on the big 3d printedd quad!) anyway without further ado! I did get airborne after all!
this little bird there(i call her bumblebee) partly CNC'd and partly 3d printed was my best and most agile bird! so stable too, a clumy pilot like myself racked hours on this thing, so i;ve made her my standard design and designed a carbon fibre and 3d printed one! and I am currently in the process or tuning a Scale up version ( my camera ship - see below) flow by an arducopter.
above is Bumble bee 2, ultra light and awaiting a nice body shell to cover her bits!
and off she goes! this clip below show bumblebee's prototype's first flight! and in progress is the bigger brother : the Macaw : in progress!
bit of CAd to test fit the things..
parts assembled and awaiting motor installation. of course by now the motors are on m the ardupilot is on and im tuning the PIDs to get her stable atm, so to be COntinued!

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