Saturday 12 December 2009

Xbox first person shooter gun!

A short lived project of mine, that i decided to do for a laugh!

Basically, the idea was to replace the potentiometers in an xbox joystick with digital potentiometers controlled by an arduino. the voltage output through the digi-pots are directly correlated to positional data extracted from a wii motion plus a Wii nunchuk. The data is extracted from both sensors, kalman filtered and output thru the digipot.

the whole gizmo is fixed on a gunshaped frame ( I used to play call of duy 4 modern warfare- so its base on a heckler-Koch G36 for us geeks out there!

I added a potentiometer to tweak the sensitivity of the device. IN the videos below you can see the device in action while playing Halo 2 on my old xbox. There was no way i was sacrificing one of my 360 controllers for this! The drawback with this prject was that the sensors could not provide me with a yaw axis, so to look left and right, i had to tilt the gun left and right, instead of sweeping around like i woould in reality!The hardware limitation meant that to be able to do that , i would need to invest in a magnetometer. In the current economic climate, that was a bit unlikely!

Anyway, here are the test videos! enjoy!

references used in this project!

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