Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Well Well! Here are the latest little projects that i've been working on over the past few months! Over the summer I improved the 3d printed quadcopter designs and clocked a lot of airtime! The reliability of this little workhorse is very satisfying. I got confident and let her fly over the cliff at Otley Chevin ! The next step was obviously To stabilise the camera with a gimbal. The Day of flying the Big Beast with A go pro on Full autopilot looms closer.Baby steps first! But first to get Rid of that Blasted Jello effect!
Here was the first iteration! And Below a short clip showing the testing output was okay, but the quad was nose heavy and I had to move the battery backwards to counterbalance it, not ideal..So we switched to a belly mounted gimbal design with extra damping to remove those pesky vibrations.
Gave it a test Flight! Results weren't too bad. Stabilisation was decent, vibration jello effect was damped sufficiently, so the tech works, however we lost some agility and flight time due to the extra weight, guess it's time to install the gimbal on the bigger quad and maybe purchase a go pro. Maybe at Christmas.Below Was the footage using the bottom mounted gimbal. well That was okay! now To find a go pro ...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

3d Prints

Too late and too tired to blurb! so for now a few snippets of some prints i've done! all Designed from scratch! no thieving from the thingiverse here!
Another ongoing project, making a hand held vac for the car, the 12 quid one i bought from asda was Dire...and I don't make enough to be able to be able to afford the dyson hand held quic sells for about 200 bones... so i'll make my damn own. And after i saw the Dark knight rises, I wanted batpod, so i made a clone, not gotten round to motorise it, soo many projects soo little time!
The 3d prints are gettin more intricate and bold day by day, its a far cry from this: my first print! a simple pillow block for a skate bearing!

Status of the multicopters!

Well having failed miserably with the self build arduino and wii motion plus and wiimote combos, i bit the bullet, I am only a Noob programmer to be honest , gave it my best bash, but MAn's gotta know his limitations...I gotmyself a few kk2.0 control boards, cheap and simple, they would take care of stabilising and I can take care of navigation ( the coding is in progress) I have 1 ardupilot(on a an x5 wing- not dared to fly her for 6 rush...) and 1 arducopter ( tuning in progress on the big 3d printedd quad!) anyway without further ado! I did get airborne after all!
this little bird there(i call her bumblebee) partly CNC'd and partly 3d printed was my best and most agile bird! so stable too, a clumy pilot like myself racked hours on this thing, so i;ve made her my standard design and designed a carbon fibre and 3d printed one! and I am currently in the process or tuning a Scale up version ( my camera ship - see below) flow by an arducopter.
above is Bumble bee 2, ultra light and awaiting a nice body shell to cover her bits!
and off she goes! this clip below show bumblebee's prototype's first flight! and in progress is the bigger brother : the Macaw : in progress!
bit of CAd to test fit the things..
parts assembled and awaiting motor installation. of course by now the motors are on m the ardupilot is on and im tuning the PIDs to get her stable atm, so to be COntinued!

Where the CNC project is at now!

A summary of Completed Projects since the last update (which was a while back! The CNC has been upgraded and changed many times to its final incarnation which is now mainly Metal and HDPE and a nice solid pine base! WE have cut a few projects on it and I've also acquired a 3d Printer kit which has seen a lot more action than the CNC! So while i find time to get this this thing back up to date, here is a quic retrospective! So the CNC got upgraded to a few more wooden iterations, until i managed to find some linear rails and bearing that did not cost an arm and a leg!
There she is being assembled in the new Lab (after having been in storage for 6 months as I was back at the rents, saving for the house deposit..phew hard times!
on on a nice solid chunky pine base:
awaiting bed levelling as it she it straddling two table and I cant seem to get them at the same height...see the clutter building up!! Prior to moving in the new lab, id put her thru her paces and done a couple of jobs one it!
built a nice ultra light with a clark y built up wing. Never flew it, just built for the sake of building... typical.. then I got myself a reprap prusa kit clone from a chap in poland, Assembled the damn thing and tinkered for weeks, and ahow emerged my first PRints but that a different story!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

more tricopter testing

Clearly the gains on the roll must be reduced.Pitch and yaw ok. Also to add an exponential function to the throttle. Learning Loads, Fast!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tricopter !

Hello Its been a while since i've logged the Latest projects..
Since then, whats new...?

Well I've given the CNC router a few upgrades.I looks better, now has a proper chuck and is more accurate. GOOD!
And I've ported the autopilot to a tricopter! with a bit of borrowed code here and there, some cannibalisation and mods, We have test flight under our belt! Now to tweak and adjust to get decent flight characteristics:

so here's a sneak preview of what is to come soon!